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Sa Pa town - Lào Cai

A Giay girl’s dream: Sharing the untouched beauty of Sa Pa with the world

My name is Huong, I’m Giay people. I was born and raised in Sa Pa, a place that captivates the hearts of travelers with its stunning natural landscapes, cool climate, and unique culture. My dream is to bring the beauty of my homeland to the world, and in doing so, contribute to preserving our cultural heritage, creating jobs, and generating income for the local people.

Although Sa Pa has changed a lot with more concrete houses springing up, leading to the crowdedness and hustle and bustle similar to big cities, as a local, I know that there are still villages, paths, mountains, and terraced fields that hold fascinating and unforgettable stories.

That’s why I have organized tours that offer immersive local experiences and showcase Sa Pa’s distinctive culture. I hope to help visitors have an amazing experience, making it easier and more convenient for people to travel to Sa Pa, tailored to their preferences and desires. I have connected with local friends who share the same dream of sharing their knowledge about the beautiful landscapes and traditional local culture, ensuring that visitors have a wonderful and unforgettable trip.

On this journey to fulfill our dream, there are many difficulties and challenges. There are times when I feel lonely due to differences, unable to find empathy, and often worry and lack confidence just because we are ethnic minority living in remote areas. How can we bring the beauty of our homeland to everyone?

But we believe that our passion and love for our homeland will help us overcome all obstacles. We also hope that this spirit will inspire other ethnic minority people in remote areas to confidently develop.

Our journey has just begun and there are many challenges ahead. We sincerely hope to receive support from everyone!

See you in our videos, articles, and trips sharing a Sa Pa from the perspective of the locals!

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